Amouliani Island

AmmoulianiI is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki that charms every visitor since it's the place where everyone can find anything they dream of in an area of only 4,5 km2. Ammouliani is located 120 km from Thessaloniki and is connected by frequent ferryboat routes that last only 10 minutes to Tripiti, the beach located across the island.
With very little luggage, you will find in Ammouliani a heaven on earth to be carefree and relaxed. This island is an idyllic combination of fine, golden sand, aquamarine sea, vegetation and giant rocks.
Its isolated bays are the ideal destination for those that desire peace and relaxation, while you can get involved in all sorts of water sports at its sandy beaches.  
Fresh fish and Greek traditional cuisine are present in Ammouliani. In a friendly environment, with the highest standards of hygiene, the island's restaurants are discerned for the quality of the food they serve and their exemplary customer service.
The visitor can have his coffee at the beach of Alikes or at the beach of Ag. Georgios while gazing at these beautiful bays from above and go out for a drink in the evening to one of the island's discos, if he/ she wishes to dance, or to a quiet bar to enjoy the music of the waves.
Πότε να πάτε
All the season of the year , especialy Spring and summer. The ideal weather conditions offer for most of the months, from May until October, the ideal vacations spot.
Mount Athos, which abstains just a few meters away offers to its male guests and pilgrims calmness and meditation, leaving the rest of the family on the island, enjoying the sea and the nature.

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Ammouliani is the only inhabited island of Central Macedonia with a permanent popoulation (600 inhabitants). It is located in the Gulf of Mount Athos and abstains 130km from Thessaloniki, linked by ferry boat to the opposite coast of Tripiti (Ammouliani- Tripiti 2 nautical miles). The ferry routes are regular and often during the day.

The island extends over approximately 4,5 sq/km. Hills alternate small valleys on the surface, which is verdant with olive trees and low vegetation.

There are no systematic cultivation on the island, and for this reason, the ecosystem remains unspoiled. The coasts vary on each other forming bays with sandy beaches.

The weather conditions are not characterised by intense changes and it is worthy to note that during the summer the winds are quite mild. The residents are mainly occupied with fishing and tourism. There is a plethora of hotels, apartments, studios, and two campings all over the island.

Until 1925, the island was a metohi (church property) of Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, of Mount Athos, then inhabited mainly by 2-3 monks, who were managing the land property, having approximately 20 assistants from the surrounding area. They were occupied with the fields’ cultivation, olive plantations ,and grazing animals. At the early of 1925, the island was vested to the refugees who came fromMinor Asia, and more concrete from the islands of Propontis (Galleme, Passalimani, Skoupia).

Coming from these areas, which were neighbouring with Constantinople, the refugees brought with them their culture, customs and heir tradition. Having the knowledge of living with and by the sea, they concentrated on fishing and managed in a few years to stand out for their craft.

The most beautiful beaches of the island are Alikes, Megali Ammos, Ai Giorges, Karagatsi, Faka,Tsaska, Nisakia and lots of others.

Ammouliani welcomes yearly thousnads of visitors from Greece and abroad. The key features of Ammouliani are the island’s beauty, the crystal clear seas, the fresh fish and the feeling of hospitality.

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